The Agriturismo Schiavenza is located in the heart of Serralunga d’Alba, within walking distance from the stately castle behind the village church. Passing though the entrance gate and the gardens you will be guided to a welcoming terrace, where you can enjoy a wonderful panorama opening up over the Langhe hills. From there you will look over a endless wineyards, spread on a carpet of green hills and sorrounded by nice and tiny villages.

The small dining room, obtained from the adjoining wine cellar, looks very simple and sober.  Maura prepare typical dishes of rich tradition of the Langhe in the kitchen.

These specialities are being served  Enrica and  Emanuela. The meal will start with some traditional entrees: vitello tonnato (boiled veal very thin sliced, served with homemade tuna-mayonnaise); salad of cockerel; raw beef meat prepared with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper; caspicum served either with “bagna cauda” (warm souce made of garlic and anchovies) or with a delicate tuna mousse, insalata russa (seasonal vegatables boiled with mayonnaise dressing); “capunet” (fried zucchini flowers filled with veal and vegatables); and crepes filled with seasoal vegetables, asparagus, artichokes or mushrooms.

By tradition the first courses are the “tajarin” (thin and light homemade noodles) pressed with the rolling pin and sliced on hand served with ragu’ sauce, and the “ravioli al plin” (homemade ravioli prepared with a thin pastry and filled with roasted meats and vegetables).

As second courses you can taste: veal meat braise in Barolo wine, guinea-fowl cooked with herbs; rabbit with caspicums. For a perfect finish you may enjoy from the following desserts:”bunet” (chocolat and haselnuts pudding); “panna cotta” (creamy sugary pudding); haselnut cake served with zabaione of Barolo (mixture og eggs yolks, sugar and Barolo wine beaten over a gentle heat); peaches filled with macaroon; Madernassa pears cooked in red wine and served with cinnamon ice cream; vanilla ice cream served with Barolo chinato.

Of course, the wine list offers the full range of own grown wines of Cascina Schiavenza together with those of the main producers of Serralunga.

Openings & Informations

We are open only for lunch.
Closed on Tuesdays.
Close for holiday fro 18 /12 to 17/02/24 .

  A tasting menu comprising mix entees , pasta , main course, dessert,  coffee is € 40,00 excluding wines.